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The Vessel, My Review

The Vessel

By Felicia Tatum

Book Synopsis

Scott and Olivia survived the dreaded dance, only to be faced with the aftermath of their meeting. Now, they are on the hunt for the descendant of Devlin Hart, the sorcerer who originally cast the curse on the Tabors family, while making the best of every moment they have together. With everything that's happening, will their love be able to make it?

Olivia’s happiness with Scott is cut short. When unexpected events thrust her in an interesting situation, she must make the best of what she has, while trying to save herself. She loves Scott, but can’t shake the uneasiness of what’s happening. When her parents are taken, her brother comes back to town, and mysterious men start following her, Olivia must reach deep inside to find her true self.

Scott is on the mission to break the curse on his beloved family, but will he also have to fight for Olivia's heart? When an interesting situation is thrown into their relationship, he must fight his jealousy and continue to woo the woman he loves. With the stress of the descendant and The Crimson Calamitous, will Scott be able to show Olivia just how much he cares for her before he loses her forever?

My Review

5 Stars

The Vessel is the second book in Felicia Tatum’s The White Aura series which follows Olivia Whitehead and Scott Tabors continues their exciting journey through ancient evil, curses and holding onto love. Where The White Aura ends after the high school dance from hell, The Vessel picks up during the aftermath. The first chapter was nothing like I expected after thinking about where Tatum would take the story. It shocked me, I re-read it to make sure it wasn’t my imagination playing tricks on me. Repeatedly throughout reading The Vessel, I found myself asking “Oh my God, did that really just happen?”
Felicia Tatum brings the gang back together for a fast paced intense plot, where so many truths are revealed I feared my Livvie may break. Mr. Sexy (Scott) got to show us a whole different side where his jealousy and snide comments lead Olivia to question herself in more ways than one. Sadie, who was one of my favorites from The White Aura had a bigger role this time around and I really enjoyed reading the scenes with her putting everyone in their place. To me, she seems to do a good job of keeping everyone focused and relaxed which was definitely needed after all the news and circumstances the characters had to face in this book.
Overall after learning whom Devlin’s descendant was I will be anxiously awaiting the final book in this series. Felicia Tatum kept me turning the pages till the wee hours in the morning with all her exciting twists. Every time I thought I had something figured out another bomb was dropped and I was left in the wake forced to keep reading because I needed to know what happened.

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