Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Book Swag

After waking up from maybe four hours of sleep I rushed to get the minions to school and drink as much possible coffee as I could manage before I was trapped in my own classroom. In my math class of doom this morning a test was awaiting me. Oh joy. Now the benefit to having a really passionate math teacher is that at least she's genuinely excited about numbers. So much so, that I found myself excited to do another problem...I mentally kicked myself because I've never taken a liking to math. EVER. So that was a really weird moment for me. but at least she can grade tests faster than Clark Kent can turn into Superman.
Then when I came home after four and a half hours of equations and found a letter that contained--you guessed it! Swag! Instantly my day improved three fold. I loved this book The White Aura by Felicia Tatum and she was nice enough to send me some swag and sign it! She even included some swag or The Vessel (book 2) that should be released next week hopefully! Check out The White Aura and my swag!

*The black pin says "Felicia's Fleet" which I absolutely love

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