Saturday, April 27, 2013

The Seventh Layer, My Review

Today has been another wonderful day for me in the book world (not the real world) but that’s beside the point. I finished another great book which for me always turns the day around. Plus after I finished The Seventh Layer I went to my BESTEST friend’s house where I’m currently blogging about my read. This table is honestly my favorite place to write, she even lets me drag my coffee maker that I bought for her apartment into the living room and set it up if there’s a spare chair. Tonight however there is no empty chair all four are occupied (all by real people) so I’m forced to keep it in the kitchen. But I’m not complaining. I know they love me since they accept that my laptop and I are a pair. Where there’s one you’ll find the other. Luckily for me, I have great friends who understand there will always be a book in my hand or within six inches.

Now down to business and onto the good stuff. My review. : )

The Seventh Layer

By Rachel A. Olson

Book Synopsis

As if growing up Amish wasn't hard enough, Sarah Miller receives information just before her eighteenth birthday about a childhood she can't remember. Accompanied by long lost friends and a few unlikely relatives, Sarah learns of her supernatural destiny and the race to piece together the jigsaw of her life begins. Amidst the whirlwind of unanswered questions, one stands prominent: will the world meet the foreshadowing doom that lingers in the near future, or will Sarah complete the puzzle in time to save her people and ensure the continuance of mankind?

My Review

4 Stars

I dove into The Seventh Layer not really knowing what to expect. Everything about this book pleasantly surprised me, the characters, the plot and the way it was written. I really enjoyed reading the book even though there were some parts where I had questions. However Rachel A. Olson managed to know when and where my questions would pop up, because simultaneously Adonia (Sarah) would be questioning the same thing. So when she got answers so did I, and that didn’t take away from the story but kept me intrigued the whole way through.  

Another awesome aspect for me was that Sarah Miller starts out as a strong character and even when she’s thrust into the unknown, she remains strong and doesn’t all of a sudden change into a girl who needs to be saved. She’s backed by Nicoli, Ambrose, Gianni and more all of whom have their own distinct personalities and complement the story line, keeping you intrigued. Rachel A. Olson created some amazing concepts (which you’ll have to read to find out because I try not to do spoilers since I don’t think a review should be a summary) and I admire the time and effort she must have put into this debut novel.

My all-time FAVORITE part of this book was the description of rain in the very beginning. I read that part over and over again. I’ve never read another description of rain like how Sarah Miller saw it. The short passage about rain is going down in my book of all-time favorite and amazingly unique descriptions so that when I have Alzheimer’s I can read it again and again. The Seventh Layer was a great debut novel and I’m going to be keeping my eye on Rachel A. Olson so I don’t miss the chance to discover another good book. 

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