Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Character Interview with Palta

First let me tell you how excited I am to have been able to interrogate Palta. Even though M.A George may be unaware that as I read Proximity, I highlighted and took notes (especially when I came up with a great question for Palta or one of the characters)! The way she wove Romance and a lil Sci-Fi together was a refreshing treat and a great break from the typical Paranormal book in my hands. Loved it, and loved Palta who was such a strong female lead. For curious minds you can read my review here

*Cheers and dances before Palta gets here for questioning* Yay, it's so much fun to get inside a characters head and to ask all the questions you would ask a real person. To me characters are real, the best of them change readers, make them think, or even question themselves. I've laughed, cried and searched for the truth with hundreds of fictional characters and every emotion authors have pulled out of me are very real. Palta was no different, pulling me into her story through Proximity demanding my attention. 
*hears knock*

Oh, one last excited dance!

Palta’s Character Interview J Eeeep
We’re going to start with something easy Palta. If there’s anything you don’t want to answer, you can casually redirect and I’ll pretend not to notice *gives a little wink* Just remember to have fun and say the first thing that comes to mind.

1.      Favorite snack on a rainy day? How about a sunny day?
Warm homemade peach cobbler with vanilla ice cream on top.  And frankly, for that moment I’d be too absorbed in the yumminess to notice the weather. 

*Nods in agreement* Weather doesn't really play a role in what I eat either. I was just giving you the weird test. You passed by the way. 
2.      Over the years what’s been some of your favorite hobbies?
I love rock climbing, reading, ballet, and schlepping around on the couch with a good movie. 

3.      So is medicine the favorite thing you’ve studied because you love it or that’s where your gift lies?
I think it’s because it finally struck the right balance of everything…using my mind, using my power, helping others, and just feeling “right”.

4.      Have you ever pursued any other degrees?
I hold degrees in Botany, Art History, Mechanical Engineering, and Music Education (Random, I know.)   Please don’t take me for a show-off.  Take me for a really old and indecisive loon, if you must.

5.      What were some of your other career choices before the medical field?
I’ve worked a variety of positions related to the degrees I mentioned before.  I also briefly worked as a chef and contemplated a career in law enforcement…but that never really got off the ground.  I always wanted to be a professional ballet dancer, but my ridiculous ears would show and cause a stir to say the least…so I settle for dancing as a hobby.  I’ve also had my fair share of odd jobs…I once worked as a chocolatier.  I had to get out of that job quickly, or I’d weigh upwards of three and a half tons by now.

6.      Were you secretly excited to have a king fall in love with you?
More like I was secretly crapping my pants.  Hob-knobbing with royalty (not to mention becoming royalty) has never been on my agenda.  But it didn’t take long for me to realize that Aeron is himself first...the king part is just an afterthought.  Don’t get me wrong, he takes it seriously.  But it doesn’t define him. 

**Personally when I found out, this is what I did**

7.      Is there another ability you would trade yours for? Or did you wish it was something else growing up?
It wouldn’t hurt if I had an ability to convert everything I touch into chocolate.  Then again, that probably wouldn’t be in my best interest.

8.      Who is your favorite book character ever?
Yikes!  Just one?  I’m going to go with Jane Eyre.  Despite her horrid childhood, she knows herself and isn’t ashamed to stand up for her right to find happiness.  I admire that.

9.      How about your most embarrassing moment or thing that you’ve done?
I mentioned I love rock climbing.  We’re not going to talk about my first experience with it in my twenties.  We’ll just say it ended badly.   Broken bones and a concussion were involved. was a fair bit of stupidity on my part.

10.   What’s the ONE thing you wish you’d known before meeting Aeron?
Hmm.   How to avoid making an ogling moron out of myself every time we were in the same room?  Thankfully, he doesn’t hold it against me. 

11.   Does Aeron have a nickname only you call him? If not, what would it be?
Hunky McHunkerson.   Kidding.  We toss around a variety of typical endearments; but in a way, he’s above a simple name in my eyes.

12.   Can you tell us something embarrassing you and Sabela got into as teens? Or tell us about one of her most embarrassing moments?

Pretty much all of Sabela’s embarrassing moments are a direct result of some kind of shenanigans I pulled her into.  Case in point: the time I convinced her to dress up like stormtroopers for the release of Return of the Jedi (The original release, of course…and sadly, we were way older than teenagers.)  The helmet left a huge dent in her forehead…just in time for a big job interview.  Oopsie.

13.   How about Mr. Calm Cool and Collected? Have you ever witnessed him being silly?

Aeron actually has a very sweet and playful sense of humor, but he appreciates sarcasm.  If he didn’t, we’d be up a creek…because I’m quite fluent in sarcasm.  As with every language, he’s picked it up beautifully. 

14.   Okay, what’s your dream date?

Preferably one where someone’s not constantly trying to kill us.  He could take me to Dairy Queen for all I care…Just quiet down the explosions and gunfire while we split a Blizzard.

15.   One last question, what’s your favorite song? The song you could listen to forever if you could never hear another one. Please do not respond if it’s Call Me Maybe. 

Are you trying to kill me?  First you want me to pick one favorite book character, now I can only choose one song?  Do you have any idea how old I am?  There have been a lot of great songs out since I had my first phonograph (Don’t you dare mock).   I suppose I’ll go with something current, just to keep from making myself crazy trying to narrow it down…
Fun. “We Are Young”.
Already it’s killing me to have to stop there.

Thanks for letting me drill you. Is there anything you’d like to add or think we should know about you?
               I think we hit the high points…Thanks for sticking around to hear my responses!  It was a                pleasure stopping by.

Now my pretties, you know you want to go read Proximity so you can fangirl too. See what it's like? Its wonderful!


Take a look at Proximity (The Proximity Series)


  1. I saw you slipping Palta that Hershey bar, Mallory...Stooping to chocolate bribery to get an interview? Tsk, tsk. Palta told me she had a fantastic time! (It's no wonder, you probably brought peanut butter too...) ;) Thanks, Mallory!

    1. I learned the chocolate trick from my Yoda. But now everyone knows my secret weapon is peanut butter!!*tsk tsk* We had a blast. :) Thanks for letting her come (that's why I only slipped her one candy bar over the box. Figured I wouldn't send her back on a sugar high)!