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Your Turn to Be Charmed by Lindy Zart

My Review of Charmed

by Lindy Zart


On the day Taryn turns eighteen her life changes. A black-eyed man with a chilly aura accosts her and she's abducted by a man who really isn't a man, but a Manang; half-man, half-angel.

She's told she's someone special; a Charmed, and the key to winning in a battle of worlds about to collide. Only problem is, she can be a weapon of good or a weapon of bad, depending on who gets to her first.

My Review

4 Stars

I enjoyed Charmed from cover to cover. Enjoyed, doesn’t really even encompass the way I felt while reading Charmed. Taryn had me hooked with her story by the end of the first chapter and her dislike of surprises and birthdays. She was instantly relatable and I loved her from the get go (sometimes, it takes me a while to like some female characters)! Then Lindy Zart introduces Creed. This jaw droppingly gorgeous manang sent to protect Taryn and his mix of nonchalant yet protective nature only increases his swoon factor. Oh, and you won’t stop falling in love there. Wait till you meet Luke who gives Creed a run for his money and soon you’ll be stuck in the book hangover debate of which one you love more. I still can’t decide…Personally, I’ll take one of each. Every time you think you figured something out, Lindy surprises you with another twist.

**I certainly found myself thinking “I did not see that coming.”

MRW I give my boyfriend a hug and he gets a boner piles of gifs

**Oh the swoon worthy males in this story...*catches breath*

Every character throughout the entire story displays their own development and growth, each one also contributes to the overall plot, keeping you intrigued. There’s Mora, Eli, Reece, Shah and more who add their own flare and twists to the plot line. Lindy commands her character’s beautifully throughout and will capture your attention with the fast paced thrill ride that is Taryn’s charmed life. Although there were a couple spots where I thought some moments passed to quickly or maybe I thought Taryn’s reaction should exuded more emotion, it doesn’t affect the flow or story as a whole.
There really is a spot I’d like to talk about and a couple characters but I don’t want to spoil any of the awesome parts for you! However I will warn you that Lindy goes as far as to introduce a third character who will seek his own attention from your heart strings.

**again, I’m not sure if I’m saying this to Creed, Luke or the mystery co-star, but I know I repeated it multiple times in my head

Overall I loved this book and am already anticipating reading book two (Charmed Again). Lindy Zart definitely Charmed me with the first novel in this series. The plot line was constant and engaging throughout the entire tale. She wove a flawless story and there weren’t any contradictions considering the world building Lindy accomplished. Her world involving the Charmed, Manangs and Deadeyes came alive through her use of detail. Lindy used her talent for description and dialogue to bring her world alive through Taryn and the rest of the cast. Every page was a treat and I found myself on the edge of my seat and daydreaming outcomes when I was stuck sitting in class.


I loved this book. If you haven’t read Lindy Zart’s books, you need too. Seriously, be Charmed. She’ll wrap you around her finger by the end of the first chapter. Lindy kept me guessing (and wishing) until the very end.

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About Lindy Zart

I've been writing since I was a wee lass. I was reading before that; possibly while still in the womb. Don't think about that too much.

I started out with short horror stories and poetry. I was terrible at it. The poems not so much, but the stories were awful.

I decided to finish a book (and I DO mean finish--I'd started plenty throughout the years) when I was in my mid-twenties (so not that long ago because I'm young and will forever stay that way). Again, not my best work.

But that's the thing about writing; it improves with time. (It's also a good thing to know your work can't possibly be any worse than it was when you first started.)

What I love most about writing is having people tell me how much they enjoy my work; how my writing touches them; makes them feel intensely.

Bringing a reader to laughter or tears is a wonderful feeling for a writer, and no, I'm not sadistic. *insert evil laugh HERE* It means I got them to feel, to respond to something I created.

Also, I just like to make stuff up and put it down on paper. I have an endless supply of stories in my head; lots of stuff to share with the world.

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