Saturday, June 29, 2013

Runaway King by Nicole Clark Cover Reveal

Another great read coming our way. I was bored and stalking facebook and I saw Nicole Clark's new cover and just had to share it! You all know I'm a cover whore, that is not news. Now check out this piece of awesomeness.

**The cover immediately sparked my imagination into thinking up possibilities about how these two got "there" and I'd love to rock that bomber jacket. Then I read the blurb and now I'll be pestering miss Nicole about when I can read Runaway King**


There are always things in a marriage that cause the couple to place distance between each other. But, what happens when you try to fix that marriage, you end up having to try and save yourself and your friends instead?

Josh is trying to fix his marriage all because he let other things come between him and his precious wife. The closer he comes to making things right with her, he finds someone is out to stop him from not only fixing his marriage, but continuing to live all together—someone who is close to him, but only for the simple purpose of making sure that Josh isn’t caught off guard. His life is in danger and so are the lives of his best friends. He’ll stop at nothing to get his marriage back to how it was before, even if it means using a little violence.

**Contains some adult situations and violence as well as language.**

About this awesome author

I'm just like anyone else. I have everyday problems that never seem to go away and I bury myself in a good book when I need an escape. My second escape would be writing. I love the paranormal and everything I write seems to revolve around something paranormal. Some of my best ideas come from sitting and just talking to a friend (or two) and then they just pop up. Never underestimate the ability to get an idea from an everyday situation.

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